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San Antonio, TXGenesis Laser

As a leading expert in laser resurfacing, Dr. Ortegon has extensive experience in skin treatment solutions that are designed to repair and rejuvenate damaged skin.

What is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is similar to an IPL photofacial but uses a nonablative YAG laser instead of light-based technology to warm collagen cells and promote production.

It treats skin at a deeper level, rejuvenating a better tone and smoother texture. The procedure is beneficial to those with acne, wrinkles, large pores, redness or pigmentation, and scarring. As an alternative to the IPL treatment, Laser Genesis is quick, painless, and requires no downtime.

Why Genesis Laser?

As the skin ages, collagen production starts to slow down. This can cause the skin to lose its youthful volume and elastic. When this happens you might start noticing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and frown lines.

The skin also tends to become dull and dry, with an uneven texture. In addition, exposure to the sun also causes skin damage and can speed up the aging process. Genesis Laser, however, has proven to be highly effective in addressing these common signs of aging and in repairing sun damage by kick-starting collagen production. One of the advantages of Genesis Laser treatments is that it can effectively supplement a number of other skin treatment procedures such as chemical peels, injectables, Microneedling, and facials.

Why Should I Get My Genesis Laser Treatment At SACS?

When considering any kind of laser resurfacing treatment procedure, it is important that you are prudent about who you decide to approach your treatment. If you live in and around San Antonio and are looking for the best laser skin resurfacing treatment, then your number one choice should be San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery. Our Aesthetic technicians are experts in using YAG lasers so you know you are in safe hands when you come in for your Genesis Laser treatment.

“I made a great choice, Coming to San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery was the best thing I could have ever done. I immediately felt comfortable with the doctor’s knowledge professionalism patience and willingness to take his time to explain the procedures! The staff was just as kind and patient and just being there for me I would recommend San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery to anybody who wants anything done. A better choice is not possible! Thank you for helping me get my self-confidence back.”

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Should I Consider Laser Genesis?

Yes. Laser Genesis is best for those who want great results in the midst of a busy schedule. However, unlike the LimeLight IPL treatment, Laser Genesis is used only on the face and neck area. It can be used on any skin type but will require multiple sessions for the best results.

What To Expect During Laser Genesis

Unlike other skin-resurfacing treatments, Laser Genesis can be pleasant and enjoyable, and you may experience a relaxing, warming sensation when in contact with the laser. There is little to no pain with the procedure.

Laser Genesis Results and Recovery

While there are no aftereffects of the procedure, results may not be immediate. Laser Genesis targets deep-dwelling cells in the skin, and it may take weeks or months for the rejuvenated cells to surface. Depending on the treated area, it may also take multiple treatments to diminish or remove blemishes.

Laser Genesis FAQ

In the hands of Dr. Ortegon’s expert staff, YAG laser treatment options do not involve any pain or discomfort. Only in a very small percentage of cases, a patient might need an application of a numbing agent prior to the treatment – but this is true only for patients with extremely sensitive skin.

As mentioned above, Genesis Laser skin resurfacing treatment involves very little to no downtime. Post your treatment you might look a little flushed – however, this will subside within a few hours.

Few things you might have to adhere to prior to your treatment include the following: Avoid waxing, shaving, or using a depilatory on the treatment area 24 hours before your appointment. Avoid sun exposure or tanning at least two weeks before your treatment date to prevent hyperpigmentation.

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