Mommy Makeover

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover combines breast enhancement and body contouring to address the unwanted effects of childbirth. In a series of procedures, Dr. Ortegon can help you regain the body you had before pregnancy. A typical mommy makeover includes breast augmentation with a tummy tuck. Some procedures will involve liposuction as well.

What Can A Mommy Makeover Help Treat? Who Is The Ideal Candidate?

During a consultation at our San Antonio practice, Dr. Ortegon will review your medical history to determine if a mommy makeover is suitable for you. Candidates for a Mommy Makeover should be healthy and have a desire to correct:

  • Loose tissue on tummy
  • Deflated or drooping breasts
  • Stretched nipples or areolas
  • Persistent areas of body fat

Should I Have A Mommy Makeover If I Plan On Having More Children?

Plastic surgery is suitable for mothers of all ages. However, for best results you should be done having children, because pregnancy can undo your results.

How Long Should I Wait After Pregnancy To Receive Treatment?

It is recommended that patients finish breastfeeding and reach a stable weight before the surgery.

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What Can I Expect During My Mommy Makeover?

On your surgery day, your plastic surgeon will mark incision locations with a marker. General anesthesia or local anesthesia with IV sedation will be administered. The doctor then performs the surgical procedures that you and the doctor have chosen: usually a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and liposuction.

Breast Augmentation

To restore breast volume, Dr. Ortegon may recommend breast augmentation as part of your mommy makeover. San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery offers both saline and silicone implants, as well as breast augmentation with fat grafting.

“Many people are still unaware aware that breast augmentation can do more than enlarge the breasts. Enhancement surgery also corrects a loss of breast volume – commonly experienced after significant weight loss, after breast-feeding, or as a result of time and gravity…the normal aging process.” Dr. Ortegon

Breast augmentation typically requires two small incisions – around the nipple, near the underarm, or beneath the breast – to allow insertion of the implant. The implants can be placed above or below the chest muscles.

Tummy Tuck

Pregnancy can cause stretching of the abdominal muscles and skin. After one or more pregnancies, these effects can be significant and troubling for a mom. The solution for many San Antonio moms is a tummy tuck.

“I use a technique called a high tension lateral abdominoplasty, a procedure that enables me to remove as much excess skin as possible without compromising the patient’s blood supply. – Dr. Ortegon


When your body weight is constantly changing, stubborn fat deposits can appear. The location varies with each woman. Some are bothered by fat in the thighs or buttocks, while others tend to accumulate fat in the arms or upper body. Using liposuction, a proven procedure for targeted fat removal, Dr. Ortegon can address these problem areas to help you slim down.

“I almost always do a combination of liposuction and tummy tuck. Together, these procedures allow me to optimally reshape and refine the contours of the body and get the best results,” explains Dr. Ortegon in his plastic surgery Q&A.

What Can I Expect After My Mommy Makeover?

Your mommy makeover may be completed in a single day or it may be done in a series performed weeks or months apart. Dr. Ortegon can help you decide about these details.

A combined procedure of breast and body contouring can involve more downtime than a single procedure. You will probably need some help at home for about one week after surgery, while complete recovery requires several weeks.

When Will I See My Final Results?

As with many cosmetic procedures, it may take about six months or even a year to appreciate the final results of your mommy makeover.

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