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This Holiday Season, Let Your Eyes Do the Talking


Thanksgiving seems like such a benevolent holiday. The whole family gathers to eat turkey, squash and mashed potatoes (and roughly a hundred other dishes) by way of celebrating family togetherness and honoring the great feast that the Pilgrims and Indians shared together so long ago.

But, for most of us, Thanksgiving inevitably involves a certain amount of stress. So it’s important to head into this holiday season feeling good about yourself. Let’s take a look at 3 simple, non-surgical procedures that can get you looking great and feeling even better.

Feel Great by Looking Your Best

If you’re in need of a holiday cosmetic boost with no downtime whatsoever, you have multiple excellent options.

1. For the body, CoolSculpting offers you excellent, body-slimming cosmetic benefits without surgery. With this amazing technology, the fat under your skin is frozen, and then flushed out of your system over a period of the next several weeks.

2. For the face, dermal fillers are a fantastic solution to fine lines and thin lips.

3. Also for the face, Botox gives you a great way to rejuvenate your look so that you can head into Thanksgiving (and the whole the holiday season, for that matter) looking and feeling your youthful, freshest best.

Click the links above to find out more about any of those given procedures. If you’re ready to take the next step toward creating your new winter look, click below to speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon.


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