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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryWhat you have to Gain from Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction san antonio | San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryThe goal of breast reduction is very clear, to make excessively large breasts look smaller and more natural on a woman’s frame. It sounds easy enough and, on the most technical level, breast reduction surgery is very simple. What isn’t so simple is realizing all that you have to gain when you lose the breast size that you had been carrying for however many years you felt you had no other choice.

Smaller Breasts, Higher Confidence

This may sound counterintuitive with all the messages that we get about larger breast size being “more attractive.” We have to remember that breast size is a very personal matter. A woman may want breasts that would be considered small for her body structure. Whatever the preference, one thing that we see time and time again is a direct correlation between overall confidence and the smaller size through breast reduction surgery.

One reason that confidence increases could be the alignment between what a woman sees in the mirror and how she has always envisioned herself. Another important reason that breast reduction could improve confidence is that the smaller breast size alleviates a woman from unwanted attention focused on her shape.

More Harmony between the Parts

We know from historical data that beauty was given actual numbers many years ago. These numbers relate to harmony from one part of the body or face to another. Creating symmetry from top to bottom may not only allow a woman to feel more beautiful, but it also sets the stage for more options in clothing. When the bust is large and disproportionate to the hips and thighs, a woman may be severely limited in her fashion choices. Bringing harmony to the shape can open all the right doors regarding style.

Physical Wellness

It is no secret that exercise can be difficult for the woman whose breasts are substantially sized. Support is a must, and this can be hard to come by. The constant adjusting or bouncing or discomfort or frustration (or all of the above) can lead to a general sense of apathy toward exercise. Many women are surprised at their newfound interest in physical fitness once their breasts do not get in the way of their favorite activities.

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