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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryPalin’s Jaw Surgery Sheds Light on Cosmetic Chin Procedures

After undergoing what she called “corrective jaw surgery,” Bristol Palin found the procedure afforded her cosmetic improvements to her lower face, as well, according to Us Weekly.

Though Palin said she underwent the procedure to help align her jaw and teeth, her appearance is now more streamlined. Palin said because of the surgery she looks more mature and has less of a “chubby little baby face.”

Women, as well as men, who wish to improve the projection of their chins actually have several cosmetic options. Though Palin said she chose surgery for medical reasons, the aesthetic improvements that can be made include permanent chin implants as well as more temporary options like fillers.

By augmenting the shape and projection of the chin, your facial features can be streamlined and harmony between your chin and other prominent facial features can be improved.

Chin augmentation with an implant can add projection to an underdeveloped chin. In this procedure, an alloplastic implant is placed in front of the jaw through an incision under the chin or inside the mouth.

For patients whose chin is only slightly underdeveloped, a dermal filler may be used to fill out its shape, though this is only a temporary solution.

In addition to these procedures to augment the chin, your other facial features can be modified surgically to improve facial harmony. These procedures may include lip augmentation or rhinoplasty, to reshape the nose. Additionally, neck liposuction may create a more refined jawline and chin.

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