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This Halloween, use advanced laser technology to get rid of unsightly red facial veins.


Halloween already features plenty of scary dress-up and opportunities to frighten the neighbors. So it’s time to ask – are you sporting spider veins on your face? Those small, unsightly red veins that tend to cluster on your cheeks or chin or around the corners of your nose? If yes, then this Halloween is the time to step up and get them taken care of.

Laser vein therapy is here to help restore your fall appearance.

This Halloween, let your costume do all the scaring

These unsightly veins can be caused by any of a number of things. Too much sun exposure? Check. Too much cold exposure? Check. Have you had chemotherapy? Check. Have you been pregnant? Have you not been pregnant, but you’re a woman? Well, that fact by itself may well be enough because women are four times more likely to develop spider veins than a man.

Regardless, if your face suffers from clusters of tiny red veins – sometimes these are a symptom of a widespread but poorly understood skin condition called Rosecea, which can affect anyone, although most commonly it hits middle-aged women with fair skin – laser vein therapy could be the godsend you’ve been waiting for.

It’s the best possible treatment for telangiectasias.


Telangiectasias: That’s the medical term for the small red spider veins that we’re talking about. But don’t worry, we won’t use it again – the proper Latin terminology is hardly the point here. What is the point is to differentiate from varicose veins, which are much bigger and typically occur on the legs. The spider veins we’re dealing with here are smaller, and while they can develop anywhere on the body, the areas of the face mentioned above are the most common locations.

What is Laser Vein Therapy?

But there is good news! Spider veins are small and near the surface, and laser therapy treats them by cutting off their ability to carry blood. Consequently, the blood flow gets moved to bigger, deeper veins nearby, and over a period of weeks following your treatment, the spider veins will fade into nothing.

So. Are you ready to cast out those spidery veins and feel comfortable again in your own skin?


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