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Liposuction San Antonio, TX

What Liposuction Really has to do With Weight

Liposuction procedures continually outnumber other body-contouring treatments on an annual basis. This surgical procedure is appealing because it achieves the most dramatic results in the shortest amount of time. As popular as it is, liposuction may be as widely misunderstood today as it ever has been. What it believed about this or any, the procedure […]

Cellulite Removal Treatment San Antonio, TX

Want Real Help for Cellulite?

Cellulite has long been a problem that women have sought to solve. The “cottage cheese” or “orange peel” appearance that often develops on the thighs has remained somewhat elusive, even throughout years of intense study. We want to know why cellulite is such a problem! More importantly, we want to know what we can do […]

Dermal Fillers San Antonio, TX

Don’t Jump to Conclusions about Dermal Fillers

A graceful aging process isn’t just a dream; it’s something that millions of men and women are now enjoying. The wide variety of laser and light treatments, modern cosmetic surgeries, and injectables have made it easy to manage the signs of aging that have historically caused a great deal of frustration. Seeing that our specialty […]

Med Spa San Antonio, TX

Sun Spots Don’t have to be a Dark Cloud over Beauty

If only we knew when we were young that spending all those summers outdoors without sunscreen would come back to haunt us later in life. What we may have done differently. Many adults take excellent care of their skin, washing, and toning and moisturizing and protecting it from the harm of UV rays. These are […]

Breast Augmentation San Antonio, TX

An Expiration Date on Breast Implants?

If you are considering breast augmentation, one of your unspoken expectations is that your new look will be your look for life. One of your unspoken questions may be “am I going to have to replace my breast implants every 10 years?” This is an idea that was, at one time, quite widespread. Fortunately, more […]

Labiaplasty San Antonio, TX

What A Woman Wants

Women have a vast number of wants and desires just as they think about how they look and feel on a daily basis. We can find evidence of the empowerment women have gained in the large selection of treatment options aimed at facial and body rejuvenation. Age has become something that women (and men) have […]

Male Cosmetic Surgery San Antonio, TX

Cosmetic Surgery Targets Specific Concerns for Men

When you look back through history, you will find a great deal of evidence that points to men’s interest in looking good. Like women, men have a certain image of themselves, and this typically involves specific curvature and angles in specific places. Many men learn that such curves and angles, such sculpture, is not always […]

Dermal Fillers San Antonio, TX

Jowls: Which Treatment is the Right Treatment?

Jowls. The very word indicates a problem you probably don’t want to live with. The fact is, though, that age robs the face of muscle tone and elasticity. Throw in the dropping of the fat pads in the cheeks, and you have prime conditions for the jawline to become soft, then saggy. There are numerous […]

Face lift San Antonio, TX

Give your Facelift a Gift

If you have had a facelift, or are considering what this procedure could do for you, you receive the amazing gift of beauty. A facelift is a gift from you, to you. That in itself is beautiful. To think of giving your facelift a gift may seem strange, but we’ll explain. To give your facelift […]

Confused about Gynecomastia? Let’s Get to the Facts!

Let’s just be honest, when a man notices excess breast tissue, it can become incredibly difficult to concentrate on anything, let alone muster the power to understand what’s going on. Gynecomastia is a condition that is becoming more familiar as men are discussing their concerns, and as medicine has developed ways of mitigating the issue […]

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