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Laser Surgery for Skin Cancer Shown Effective in Study

New research has shown laser surgery for skin cancer may help treat some precancerous skin growths, according to the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery. In cases where radiation therapy or excision surgery are not possible, your plastic surgeon may be able to employ the use of a carbon dioxide laser to treat the growth. This […]

Detecting Melanoma with New Technology

A new device to detect early stages of melanoma may help patients with some skin cancers, according to WebMD. The device, called MelaFind, helps doctors in detecting melanoma and judging whether a biopsy may be necessary. The MelaFind works by scanning the surface of the skin and analyzing skin lesions it finds. Early findings for […]

VIDEO: Biggest Loser Contestant Turns Plastic Surgery Patient

After losing a great amount of weight, body contouring may be necessary for some patients, according to KXAN. In an interview with KXAN, plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden discussed body slimming procedures she performed on a noted Biggest Loser contestant who lost 129 lbs. on the reality weight loss show. After losing the weight, Olivia […]

Benefits for Patients of Many Breast Reconstruction Options

Breast reconstruction patients often experience a renewed outlook on life, according to a new study. The study, which was conducted at the University Health Network Breast Restoration Program at the University of Toronto, asked women about the procedure three weeks after surgery, and again three months after. What it found was that even three weeks […]

Breast Cancer Experience Hits Home for One Plastic Surgeon

Breast cancer came close to the heart of one plastic surgeon when his own daughter was diagnosed and treated, as he told savannahnow.com. Plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Laughlin had been treating patients who requested breast reconstruction, as well as a host of cosmetic surgeries for more than 25 years when he learned of his own […]

Plastic Surgery Tax Added to UK Laws?

Plastic surgeons in the UK are worried the government wants to tax cosmetic surgeries, according to WebMD. Currently in the UK, a plastic surgery tax only exists on non-surgical treatments like Botox, fillers and laser treatments, a fact that plastic surgeons take no issue with. (In the UK, a VAT tax  or “Value Added Tax” […]

Woman Chooses Functional Blepharoplasty to Improve Vision, Cosmetics

Plastic surgery can correct health issues in addition to improving the way you look, according to TampaBay.com. When 74-year-old Mary Lou began experiencing vision issues from droopy eyelids, her daughter suggested seeing a plastic surgeon for a functional blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a facial procedure in which excess skin is removed from around […]

Plastic Surgeons May Have Access to New Synthetic Collagen

A new type of synthetic collagen may prove beneficial for plastic surgeons if testing continues to show success, according to ScienceDaily. Scientists at Rice University, where the synthetic collagen is being developed, say it is much different from other collagen products available today. For one, the scientists say it much more closely resembles natural collagen, […]

Research Underway on Topical Botox

Topical Botox may be in development for availability in your plastic surgeon’s office, according to HealthDay News. While patients who currently want the wrinkle smoothing effects of Botox must undergo the traditional injectable treatment, researchers are hoping to make progress in developing topical Botox. This would be a boon for patients who are needle-averse. The […]

New Surgical Adhesive in Development

A new surgical adhesive may remove the necessity for surgical drains, if approved by the FDA, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Most often when patients who undergo a procedure like a body lift, in which excess fat and skin are removed circumferentially around the midsection, the incisions are closed with sutures. A side effect of […]

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