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What a Mommy Makeover Can do for You

Childbirth is a joyous experience, however, it can also leave your body with a lot of unwanted changes. Once you know you’re done having kids, you might consider a mommy makeover to get your pre-pregnancy body and confidence back! Here are some of the restoring changes you can expect from your procedure. Tighten loose abdominal […]

What You Need to Know about The Mommy Makeover

While childbirth can be a new and exciting experience, it can also take a toll on your body. If you are experiencing excess, lax skin, sagging breasts, or stubborn fat deposits, you may be able to benefit from a mommy makeover. This procedure can help to restore your body to its pre-baby figure for a […]

The Difference Between Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Many people are familiar with plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, but did you know that they are not one and the same? While plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery both involve surgery, they are actually pretty different. Read on to learn more about the differences between these two. Plastic Surgery Plastic surgery is done to restore […]

Take Years Off Your Appearance with a Facelift in San Antonio

Is it time for a makeover? Freshen up your look and say goodbye to those telltale signs of aging with a facelift in San Antonio. This is one of the most popular procedures for patients who are concerned about loose or sagging skin around the face and neck. Facelift surgery can completely transform your appearance […]

Five Benefits of Natural Breast Augmentation

Have you ever heard of a natural breast augmentation? The chances are that you haven’t yet. Even though breast augmentation with fat grafting has been around for years, it is just now starting to make its way to the mainstream. Fat grafting uses liposuction to remove unwanted fat cells from other areas of your body (usually […]

Why a Tummy Tuck May be Your Answer for the San Antonio Sun

A lot of us have judgments about tummy tucks but the truth is that you can run across Texas each week and stick to a strict diet of water and chicken, but if that extra skin left over after major weight-loss, pregnancy or a number of other reasons lacks elasticity, there is no exercise or […]

New Study Looks Into Social Media and Plastic Surgery

Social media platforms have completely changed the way people interact with each other and the world around them. A new study published in the May 2013 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery shows that plastic surgeons are not any different. The study looked for patterns in how plastic surgeons used social media, their motivations behind […]

5 Questions to Consider When Choosing A Cosmetic Procedure

When considering cosmetic surgery, it’s important to do your homework before the consultation with your surgeon. Before you visit our office in San Antonio, Texas, be sure to have asked yourself the following five questions to have an open discussion about your goals. 1. What’s my budget? Plastic surgery has become much more inexpensive than […]