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Plastic Surgery Tax Added to UK Laws?

Plastic surgeons in the UK are worried the government wants to tax cosmetic surgeries, according to WebMD. Currently in the UK, a plastic surgery tax only exists on non-surgical treatments like Botox, fillers and laser treatments, a fact that plastic surgeons take no issue with. (In the UK, a VAT tax  or “Value Added Tax” […]

“Revenge Surgery” Really for Self-Improvement

Following a divorce, some singles may choose what some are calling “revenge surgery,” though one plastic surgeon told FOX News that the desire for treatment can be caused by more than a need for revenge. According to plastic surgeon Dr. Leo Lapuerta, women and even some men who are recently divorced are turning to plastic […]

Interest in Surgery to Look Like a Celebrity Grows

Perfumes and the like endorsed by celebrities are popular, but surprisingly, so is plastic surgery to look like a celebrity, according to the ASAPS. Though many patients may not say they want plastic surgery to look like a celebrity in every way possible, many patients pick out certain aspects of a star’s look they admire. […]

Positive Findings on the Psychology of Plastic Surgery

In addition to “lifting” parts of your body, plastic surgery can give a boost to your self-esteem, too, according to a new study. The study, which was published by the ASPS, examined the psychology of plastic surgery on a group of Norwegian patients over five years. While most studies on the psychology of plastic surgery […]

VIDEO: Inexpensive Plastic Surgery On the Rise

Patients looking for inexpensive plastic surgery have several options available, according to KVOA in Tucson. During an interview on KVOA, the news station’s plastic surgery contributor spoke about popular procedures that she considers inexpensive plastic surgery options when compared to the results post-surgery. The best option for body plastic surgery, according to KVOA, is a […]

Plastic Surgeon Outlines Some Problems with Medical Tourism

Patients who seek out cheaper overseas plastic surgery may not always be getting a great deal, according to the Huffington Post. Some savvy internet users may be able to find what seems like a low rate for a plastic surgery procedure abroad when compared to prices domestically, according to plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Yaremchuk. Still, […]

Plastic Surgery: Debbie Harry Experienced Lasting Benefits

For lead singer of Blondie, Debbie Harry, plastic surgery in the form of a facelift in the 90s, was a good decision with many pluses, she told Showbiz Spy. Plastic Surgery: Debbie Harry Speaks About the Importance of Research While Harry says some people might rush into a decision to have plastic surgery and go […]

Fat Grafting Surgery: Reduce and Reuse

Though traditional procedures like breast augmentation may get a lot of recognition, many patients are electing to “augment” their bodies using their own fat stores, according to FOX News. Insight on Growing Trend in Cosmetic Surgery: Fat grafting surgery, which is an alternative to somewhat more involved implant procedures, uses stubborn fat deposits from […]

Approval of Plastic Surgery Up Among Americans

A new study published by the ASAPS shows that now, more than ever, Americans approve of cosmetic plastic surgery. The study, which was released this month, found that 51% of Americans regardless of income hold a favorable view of plastic surgery. While the approval numbers vary somewhat between income levels—56% with an income above $75,000 […]

Plastic Surgeon Asks, “What is Beauty?”

While the old adage is “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” a New York plastic surgeon suggests it is rather the perception of beauty that matters. In an article for The Huffington Post, Dr. Robert Tornambe points out that each of us consider varying aspects of the human form to be beautiful. In […]