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How Applying Extra Sunscreen Can Prevent Sunburns

Individuals who apply sunscreen regularly may not actually be using enough of it at a time to adequately prevent sunburns, according to a new study by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Sunscreen, the study found, was the most popular form of sun protection chosen by the 3,000 Caucasian adults who participated. In fact, […]

Too Much Botox May Affect Reading of Facial Cues

Though Botox and Dysport are recognized for their ability to smooth facial wrinkles, they may also impact a patient’s ability to read facial cues, found a study in Social Psychological and Personality Science, according to WebMD. Dr. David R. Neal, a psychology professor at the University of Southern California said that, “If you have a […]

Put Your Wrinkles on Ice

Early clinical trials are showing success in producing the same wrinkle-reducing effect as Botox and Dysport, without employing the use of the botulinum toxin, according to U.S. News. Though both Botox and Dysport are hugely popular non-surgical options for diminishing many facial lines and wrinkles, new alternatives are often being researched. This treatment, which is […]

The Future of Non-Injectable Botox

It’s certainly not news that wrinkle-reducing injectables like Botox and Dysport are seeing sales increases as the economy rebounds. It is noteworthy, however, what the companies are working toward in the wake of renewed consumer interest—topical versions, according to Botox, produced by Allergan and Dysport, produced by Medicis, contain similar components of the botulinum […]

Health & Beauty Tip: Get 60 Minutes of Exercise Daily

A 13-year study analyzed more than 34,000 women with a mean age of 54.2 years and a normal diet. If you’re reading this blog, you probably care a lot about your appearance and health, so perhaps you are already motivated to manage 60 minutes of daily exercise. However, most people don’t think visiting the health […]

Cosmetic Products See a Sales Resurgence

Shoppers in San Antonio and around the country are returning to optional goods and services, like designer jewelry and cosmetic procedures as the economy begins to show signs of a rebound, according to a Wall Street Journal article. While lower-income individuals may still be shying away from “elective” spending, those whose investments are looking up […]

Botox and Fillers Require a Trained Hand for Safe Treatment

The prevalence and frequency of the use of facial injectables has influenced some individuals to believe they can administer these drugs themselves—without a Ph.D. While wrinkle and facial fillers like Botox can be safely administered by a doctor, some untrained people have found ways to procure the drugs online and are choosing unwisely to take […]

Some Doctors Recommend Light/Laser Treatments in Winter

  While many people spend more time indoors during the cool, darker winter months, this chilly time may also be an opportunity to visit a surgeon’s office. In a recent New York Times story, several dermatologists suggest that many patients should consider laser treatments in the winter months, because they will have lighter skin from the […]

Surgeons Measure First Impressions After Dermal Filler Injection

Can wrinkle correction change the image you project to the world? Surgeons at the Chicago Center for Facial Plastic Surgery sought to answer that question in a recent paper published in Dermatologic Surgery. While many studies have documented the physical results achieved with dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm, few, if any, studies have documented […]

FDA Approval Granted for Botox Migraine Treatment

The Food and Drug Administration announced yesterday that Botox is now approved for treatment of chronic migraine headaches. With this new application, therapeutic treatments with Botox could actually outnumber cosmetic treatments in years to come. People suffering from chronic migraines regularly experience an intense throbbing pain in one area of the head, a condition that’s […]