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San Antonio Cosmetic SurgeryWhat Liposuction Really has to do With Weight

Liposuction San Antonio, TXLiposuction procedures continually outnumber other body-contouring treatments on an annual basis. This surgical procedure is appealing because it achieves the most dramatic results in the shortest amount of time. As popular as it is, liposuction may be as widely misunderstood today as it ever has been. What it believed about this or any, the procedure could be a tiny misperception that stands between you and your ideal physique. Here, we want to discuss what liposuction has to do with weight.

Liposuction and the Scale

One idea that needs to be dispelled is that weight will decrease substantially post-surgery. This is not the case, nor is it supposed to be. Liposuction does remove excess fatty deposits. However, the intended objective is to reduce the size of a particular area of the body, such as the thighs or the abdomen. Rather than consider liposuction as a fat-reduction (hence, weight loss) tool, think of this procedure as a method of body-sculpting. With this perspective, it is much less likely to feel disappointed if only a few-pound difference is seen on the scale.

Liposuction Candidacy

One of the biggest questions that may arise before cosmetic surgery is “am I a good candidate for liposuction?” The determination of being a good candidate may be particularly difficult for the person who does not have any weight to lose. This goes back to the idea that liposuction assists with weight-reduction. Again, changing mindset about what liposuction is actually about can stop a potential patient from believing they are not “big enough” to even consider this body-sculpting procedure.

Long-term Results from Liposuction

Regarding long-term results, there are two ideas that may keep a person from their absolute best liposuction experience. One is that fat will grow back so why bother removing what’s there. The fat that is extracted during liposuction is gone forever. No new cells will grow back. The next idea that we want to dispel is that liposuction alone will keep the body slim and smooth for many years. While no new fat cells will grow in the area where liposuction has been performed, existing fat cells can expand, and will do just that in the absence of healthy weight management strategies.

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