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Enhance Your Figure with Breast Implants

Are you ready for a spring or summer makeover? Now is a great time to consider undergoing breast augmentation surgery, a popular procedure among women who want to enhance their figure and maintain more feminine body proportions. If you are noticing your breasts are sagging or shrinking with age, or you have always been self-conscious […]


Breast augmentations continue to be the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States. With its high patient satisfaction rating, the cosmetic procedure continues to become more and more mainstream. If you are considering breast implants, here are a couple things to help your surgery go smoothly.

6 Signs of a Successful Breast Enhancement Procedure

Through clinical studies, plastic surgeons have identified several common benefits of breast surgery, which can serve as markers of overall success. These six signs of success have a profound impact on a woman’s satisfaction and quality of life as it relates to breast surgery. 1. Satisfaction With Breast Shape and Appearance Breast shape and appearance […]

Breast Augmentation Statistics: An ASAPS Infographic

A week ago on July 30, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) posted on their webpage a summary of some of the statistics related to breast procedures. Before the high tech solutions of today, women would use a variety of materials to augment their chests.  Today, 31 percent of women use saline implants […]

Natural Breast Augmentation Techniques Revealed

A new technique in fat grafting could improve how breast augmentation procedures are performed, according to a recent study in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The procedure, which builds upon previous successes and innovations in fat transfer for breast augmentation, involves several weeks of pre-expansion treatment with a bra-like device that uses gentle vacuum […]

Breast Lipomodeling and Mammograms Can Work Hand in Hand

Breast lipomodeling, a fat transfer procedure to augment the size and shape of breasts, does not interfere with mammograms, a study by the ASPS found. The study, which was published in March, examined women who had undergone breast lipomodeling as an alternative to more traditional implant-based breast augmentation. It found that 16 months after the […]

Cosmetic Products See a Sales Resurgence

Shoppers in San Antonio and around the country are returning to optional goods and services, like designer jewelry and cosmetic procedures as the economy begins to show signs of a rebound, according to a Wall Street Journal article. While lower-income individuals may still be shying away from “elective” spending, those whose investments are looking up […]

Mastectomy Patients Prefer Silicone Implants, Finds Survey

Following breast cancer treatment and a possible mastectomy, patients have many continued treatment options moving forward. If the patient has undergone a partial or full mastectomy, she may choose to undergo breast reconstruction and make the decision to have breast implants to restore the breast. A recent survey published in the journal Cancer found that […]